About Us

Welcome to The Formosa Coffee

Est. 2019

Taiwan, historically known as Formosa, has the perfect climate and geography for growing the best coffee bean in Asia. We focus on sourcing from farms dedicated to cultivating sustainable premium coffee. Unlike most farms around the world where coffee fruits are indiscriminately harvested by machines disregarding quality and ripeness, at The Formosa Coffee our farms carefully hand-harvest only beans that are at the peak of ripeness. All of our products are grown on the high mountains in central Taiwan known for nutrient rich volcanic soil and pristine spring water perfect for producing the highest quality coffee bean. Welcome to the world of The Formosa Coffee.

Our Mission

We promise to focus on one goal: to bring you the best of Taiwan coffee. Every coffee bean is imported directly from coffee farms in central Taiwan and hand-roasted to order in New York. We ensure every bag is roasted within 24 hours of packaging and shipping. In order to provide the freshest coffee, we highly recommend whole bean as it maximizes shelf life. We believe when our coffee arrives it must be as fresh as possible, and the only way to ensure that is with whole bean. We hope you enjoy your special bag of coffee from Taiwan! From everyone here at The Formosa Coffee, we appreciate and thank you for your support!