Coffee roasting requires intense heat, upwards of 480 degrees Fahrenheit. That kind of temperature breaks down the amino acids and sugars, in the beans, into carbon dioxide. 

Degassing starts immediately after roasting is complete. This is the period when beans "breathe". They continue to release gas (calm) for approximately one week. You will no doubt observe changes as each day passes, from aroma to flavor.

We believe our freshly roasted coffee must be delivered as soon as possible to maximize the usage time for our customers. Roasted beans all have a peak quality shelf life, this is the time when you will get the best aroma and flavor before they start to weaken. Ground beans retain peak quality for up to 2 weeks, and whole beans for up to 4 weeks. 

Here is our degassing guideline for the coffee connoisseurs:

  • Lighter Roast = wait 5 days after roasting.
  • Darker Roast = wait 3 days after roasting.

We hand-roast every order on the day of shipping.