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Our Story & Coffee 


We knew, right from the start, that we had to bring a "one of a kind" coffee to our consumers. To achieve that we looked towards Asia, at countries that have high quality beans but aren't well known as coffee producers. Having spent two years researching and visiting coffee farms in the region we discovered micro lot farms in Taiwan that were already growing high quality beans. 

Coffee beans require approximately 3-4 years to ripen and become ready to harvest. Considering we partner with micro lot farms in Taiwan where the annual yield is relatively "small", every bean must be nurtured and handled with extreme care. With a harvesting window of six short months, our farmers must pay special attention to ensure every coffee fruit is delicately hand-harvested. 

How does that translate into our roast? Coffee roasting depends heavily on the quality of the beans. You can roast good coffee with average beans. To roast great coffee you need the best beans. That's what our coffee is: premium. We use the best beans in Asia, grown on micro lot farms, and cared for by farmers who commit immeasurable dedication to their craft. When you combine The Formosa Coffee's promise to hand-roast every bag within 24 hours of shipping and the beans we meticulously quality control with our farms, you get a roast that is perfectly balanced. When our coffee hits your palate you get exactly the right amount of flavor, aroma, and acidity. The flavor and aroma are exceptionally smooth. The acidity of every roast, whether light, medium, or dark is not overpowering. The after-taste is exquisite. Every roast is hand-crafted to ensure it lives up to our brand and standard.

This has been an incredible process, and the beginning of an even more exciting journey. Come join us as we continue to bring you the best of Taiwan coffee.


 "Humanity Runs on Coffee"


Warmest Regards,

Jason Chen