Brew FAQs

How many cups can I brew with your coffee? 

8oz bag brews up to 20 US 8oz cups.

How much caffeine is in each roast level? 

Light Roast = most caffeine.
Medium Roast = balanced.
Dark Roast = least caffeine.

Coffee(g)-to-Water(ml) Ratio:

Espresso: 1:2 (Brew time 20-30 sec).
Cold Brew: 1:4-1:8 (Brew time 14-24 hrs).
French Press: 1:13 (Brew time 4 mins).
Drip: 1:13 (Brew time 4 mins).
Pour-Over: 1:13 (Brew time 3-4 mins).
Note: ratio 1:15 means for every 1 gram of coffee, use 15 ml of water.

Based on my preferred brew type, which roast should I choose? 

Espresso: medium, dark.
Cold Brew: medium, dark.
French Press: medium, dark.
Drip: light, medium, dark.
Pour-Over: light, medium, dark. 

How long can I store coffee? 

Whole bean usually lasts longer than ground bean. In room temperature and kept moisture-free, freshly roasted coffee will stay at peak quality for up to 2 weeks (ground) and 4 weeks (whole). 

For maximum freshness, our coffee should be consumed within 2 weeks and stored at room temperature free from moisture. 

Frozen coffee can be stored for up to 6 months (we don't recommend this). To freeze, place the beans in an air tight container to keep moisture out. There is no guarantee that the roasted beans will taste the same after being frozen.

For the best flavor and to prevent moisture build up, thaw frozen coffee beans at room temperature before using. 

How to tell if coffee beans have gone bad? 

Roasted coffee is a dry good. Meaning, it can be stored without spoiling as long as it's kept dry in the original bag or air tight container. Remember, moisture can quickly ruin coffee. Look for signs of mold, visual changes or if there's something wrong with the smell. Long-term storage will weaken the flavor, aroma, and quality of coffee beans. We define "long-term" as over 2 weeks for ground beans and 4 weeks for whole beans.