So far, I’ve had the Light Roast, Medium Grind, Natural beans. The flavor is pleasant and light with a soft fruit aftertaste. I’d definitely recommend this one.

-Jonathan M. 

Smooth and clean taste

First thing I noticed was the size of the beans. They were a little larger than what I get at my local roaster, so I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t have the coffee to water ratio right. Luckily, the recommended ratios are posted on the Formosa Coffee site. I ordered the medium roast and brewed in my Chemex. The flavor had a little hint of fruit but was mostly a nice smooth, solid cup of coffee. Such a nice treat to have!

-Amanda C.

Love them!!!

Honestly is the best coffee I’ve ever had!!

-Michelle C.

Great tasting coffee! Perfect for Aeropress or Pourover

Delicious beans with a nice complex flavor to them. Glad to see beans from Taiwan getting some exposure here in the USA! They have some of the best beans in the world!

-Henry W.

First-time drinking Premium Taiwan Coffee

Beautiful aroma. Great quality. Would purchase again!

-Roy C.

Delicious, Smooth.

A friend put me onto this coffee. I’m a die hard high end coffee snob. I come from Australia where coffee culture is huge. I was deliciously surprised how smooth with caramel undertones this coffee is. It’s rich yet, subtle with zero bitterness. YUM

-Julie S.


Loved this! Lots of floral notes without being too bitter. Great balance.

-Wilbur Y.

Loved it

One of the best coffees I've ever had. Smelled so good in the packaging and brewed up with a delightful flavor - smooth, rich, and a bit sweet. I've been having it with just a splash of soymilk to start the day. Please give it a try and support the lovely people of Taiwan!

-Liana M.

Amazing...simply the best yet.

From the online order to the seamless delivery...this is the best coffee that I have ever had. I work a long day beginning at 4:30 am. My morning coffee gets my digestive system flowing so I can hit the gym hard. Then at 3 pm the second cup carries me through till closing at 11. Formosa coffee is the perfect brand, perfect roast, and perfect smooth taste to carry the day!

-Michael T.

First time buyer.

The coffee arrived ahead of schedule and was so fragrant you could smell it through the packaging. 

-Harry L.

Great coffee and customer service!

The medium roast beans tastes quite exceptional as a pour over. It is light but balanced like the company says. Both fruity and sweet flavors come through and has a light mouthfeel. I do enjoy it at a higher water to beans ratio. I am however most impressed by customer service. I first purchased the light beans and they were just a little too light for my liking. I reached out to the customer service and they responded within an hour with a refund and recommendation to try their medium roast. They were right! I know it's hard for independent companies to eat the loss but they are here to build customer relations.

-Chung-Wen W.

A must try, amazing coffee!

The medium roast Taiwan Coffee is so unique. A bouquet of bright and sweet fruit flavors with a slight spicy finish. Smooth, well balanced, medium body. I often add milk to brewed coffee, but with the Taiwan Coffee there was no need to add flavor, as it stood on its own!

-Jordan G.

Very tasty, smooth coffee!

This was the first time I ordered the "Light" roast and I was not disappointed! Very smooth and tasty, and also seems to have a bit more of a caffeine jolt. My son really likes this blend, but I'm partial to the "Dark" roast myself. Will be ordering again!

-Steve F.

Excellent medium roast.

Tight packaging, smooth velvety taste and a unique aroma.

-Colin L. 

Excellent coffee with swift shipping.

I prepare the medium roast in a Bialetti can and drink it as cappucino. The taste is excellent, slight note of nuts, strong but not bitter. Definite recommendation. Shipping by Formosa Coffee was super swift, although international shipping and customs clearance took some time. So, no issues with international shipping - next time I'll opt for express delivery.

-Harald P. 

Great and well loved.

Given as office gifts- everyone loves it!

-Linda H.

Excellent coffee.

Really enjoyed the medium roast, as well as the experience of trying coffee harvested in the mountains of Taiwan1

-Matthew M. 

Tastes very good black.

I'm by any means a coffee expert or flavor connoisseur. But as a regular coffee drinker, normally black, this tastes very good. Will order again.

-Jason L.

Delicious coffee.

I'll keep it simple. This coffee was delicious, and reminded me of the unique flavors of the coffee I had in Taiwan. Quick shipping, on demand roasting. I got the medium roasted blend. Hints of durian, honey, and dark chocolate. Great stuff, and excited to try the light and dark blends.

-Andrew W. 

Velvety smooth!

Am delighted at how smooth this coffee is! I’m not a connoisseur by any means but it’s very fragrant and delicious. I enjoyed every sip! thank you for bringing Taiwanese goodies here!!

-Annie K.

Smooth & nutty.

I'm extremely impressed by this coffee! I highly recommend it for any coffee snob.

-Leona C.

Exceeds expectations - new favorite for home brew.

I purchased a bag of whole beans to grind and use in my French press at home. These beans have a bold, mature flavor lacking the sour or burnt notes you often get in other coffees. Comforting chocolate aroma. Potent caffeine content--feeling pretty wired after one cup. The roast date on the bag showed that the beans had been prepared 2 days prior to when I received them in the mail!

-Katherine C.

Our new daily cup.

After nearly two weeks of brewing and drinking every morning the two different roasts from The Formosa Coffee, it is clear that these are premium quality beans handled and roasted with great skill and care. 2 1/2 bags in, I have yet to come across a broken bean. Dark roast beans are oily and fragrant without hints of being burnt. Both beans grind evenly and consistent. Dark - Fine grind - 1:2.85 - Espresso - 1/5 crema - Robust initial impact, quickly fades to toasted brown sugar, dark chocolate and a hint of citrus. Great as whole-milk latte. Medium - Medium Coarse grind - 1:17 - Pour over - good balance of sweet and acid, straight-forward and almost too easy to drink, dark brown sugar, roast nuts, dry-citrus-ish(?) Overall we are loving the offerings! Hope there will be a Light-roast option in the future.

-Chris L.

Really smooth.

Loved your coffee. It doesn’t give any bitterness and is so smooth. I love what you guys are doing for the earth and Taiwan!

-Ellen T.

Vibrant just like the people of Taiwan.

I got whole bean medium roast and made espresso on my bezzera hobby01. 19g in, 38g out in 33 seconds. The result was a vibrant cup with bright acidity, sweet, slight chocolate, and lots of fruits. It was very pleasant to drink. I do wish there's a roast date on the packaging, even though the website says this is roasted within 24 hour of shipping. I would also like to know the varietal of the bean in addition to just 100% arabica.

-Chun C. 


We love the coffee! Much richer and much more flavor than expected- one of the few coffees I can drink black! Shipping was fast, and the customer service was incredibly responsive- they offered to replace the part of the order that was damaged in shipping. Amazing! Will be ordering more!!

-Linda H.

So happy to support Taiwanese specialty coffee!

As a Taiwanese-American working in specialty coffee, I am so excited about this coffee! I ordered the medium roast, whole bean. 205 degree water, 20 grams ground on 14/40 on Baratza Virtuoso for Kalita, 330 grams water. I think my brew time was about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The taste was good, and the flavor profile one-dimensional. Not sure if this is characteristic of the region since I have nothing else from Taiwan to compare it to. I will definitely be recommending this to my family and colleagues!

-Jessica L.

Surprisingly smooth.

My Taiwanese family has had unpleasant experiences with coffee beans from Taiwan. When I heard about this roastery, I was very intrigued especially hearing the story of the care and attention taken with the entire process from source to final product. Our first pour over had smooth, complex flavor profiles, along with a whiff of fresh quality once you open the bag. Thanks so much for your labor and creation. I'm gifting all my family members to show far Taiwanese coffee has Evolved and refined.

-Leona C.

Amazing aroma!

Just like Taiwanese teas, this Taiwan coffee is just so fragrant and delicious! Will definitely order again!

-Elizabeth K. 


Who knew Taiwan coffee could taste so good?

I bought the coarse ground and medium coffee and I could smell the fragrance even before I opened the package. The taste was also beyond my expectation. I highly recommend this product and definitely will buy more in the near future.

-Wei P.

Very aromatic coffee!

Excellent coffee! I bought it as a gift for my sister, she loved it. Highly recommended.

-Mayami S.

Super fresh and flavorful.

One of the best tasting and freshest beans I’ve tasted. Roasted to perfection, a light/medium body.

-Marissa C.

Excellent aroma and taste.

I received my order as promised and when I opened the package, a delicious coffee aroma filled my nostrils. When I brewed some, no bitterness in the coffee and very fresh tasting. I am a satisfied customer.

-Jan L.

The aroma is great and I get hints of peach sometimes. The flavor great, there's an initial soft acid that smoothens out.

-James K.

Excellent coffee!

Very fresh, robust, cup full of life!

-Steven L.

Robust and Flavorful

Could have fooled me that Taiwan made such delicious coffee. The Dark Roast is deep and earthy and chocolatey. The Medium Roast is fruit forward, with slight acidity. Really enjoy my cups every morning.

-Vicki L.

Tastes and smells good.

I am impressed by Taiwanese coffee. It tastes smooth with subtle fruity flavor, not that strong, which is a good way to fresh up my every work from home morning.

-Yvonne K.

Wonderful gift.

We sent Formosa Coffee to my brother in law as a birthday gift. He was so pleased.

-Maruti E.

Delicious coffee.

Very pleased with the smooth flavor and great aroma.

-Therese M.

Smooth, well-balanced blend!

I was lucky enough to get a sample of the ground medium roast coffee, and boy is it good! The coffee has a nice level of acidity and a very nice aroma-- my college-age son asked what type of coffee was brewing, and after I poured my cup he ended up finishing the pot! Highly recommended, and I'll be placing an order soon.

-Steve F.

Great coffee.

I love the coffee. So fresh!!!

-Maruti E.

My new go-to morning blend.

The Formosa medium roast is my new favorite go-to morning blend now. It smells great, and the flavor is well balanced. I add some cream, and it’s perfect for me. Their customer service is great too! Something went wrong with my credit card - they reached out to me, and fixed the error right away. Please try this coffee. You won’t be disappointed!

-Pan M.

So fresh you can smell through the packaging.

I was very surprised when the order arrived how fresh it smelled through the packaging. Then when we actually brewed the taste was even better. We will definitely be re-ordering for our office consumption. Very satisfied!

-Leval M.

Fast shipping & delicious coffee

Nice aroma, smooth coffee, and fast delivery! Thank you!

-Kevin H.

Freshly roasted goodness.

Good coffee that was the most freshly roasted when it arrived. Enjoyed the complex and delicious flavors to the fullest. Thank you for this premium coffee!

-Raquel F.

Exceptional coffee.

I got the medium roast whole beans for pour-over coffee at home and the coffee comes out smooth and is uniquely different from the coffees I've tried so far. The coffee has the perfect level of acidity and what I enjoy the most is the subtle aroma that's left in my mouth after each sip. Highly recommended!

-Oliver Y.


I purchased the light blend which was rich but with smooth flavors. One of the most balanced and flavorful coffees I’ve ever drank. I enjoyed it so much that I purchased all of the other types of roasts for my relatives and friends. Needless to say that we all highly recommend the Formosa Coffee to anyone seeking the highest quality and freshest premium Taiwanese coffee around!                                                                 
-Kim Y.

Wonderful product.

This coffee is fantastic! Wonderful smooth velvety taste and not acidic. Thank you Jason!   

-Lauren S. 

Definitely a fan of Taiwanese coffee.

The robust flavor of the coffee is superb and I will be ordering often.                                          

-Dennis L.